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Information of Malacca City

Malacca City is the city of the Malacca state in Malaysia. Malacca today is stand up the size of 1,638 sq. meter. It is having a two pronged devolpoment of industralize and tourism. The language commonly use at the Malacca is Bahasa Malaysia which is known as the mother language of Malaysia, other than that English langage also is used at there for the communication between forigner then follow by Chinese and Tamil.

History of Malacca

Malacca is established by Parameswara, a Hindu prince from Sumatra. Parameswara had thrown off allegiance to the Majapahit empire and fled to Temasek, where his piracy and other exploit provoked a Siamese attack in 1398, forcing him to move to Melaka, where became his new headquarters.

Melaka soon became a favorite port for waiting out resupplying trading ships plying the strategic Selat Melaka. Halfway between China and India, and easy access to Indonesia. Melaka also attracted merchants from all over the East.

In 1905, the Portuguese came seeking the spice and China trades. The Malaccans attacked the Portuguese fleet and took several prisoners. This prompted an outright assault by the Portuguese. In 1511 Alfonso de Albuquerque took the city, forcing the sultan to flee to Johor. Under the Portuguese, the fortress of A’Famosa was constructed.